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Northumbria Forestry is a small scale woodland management & timber merchant supplying individuals & companies with the products & services they need.

As soon as he left school Kezz began work as session musician playing alongside many of the biggest acts of the 90's touring & recording worldwide. Always in tune with the environment, he began to think more & more about the carbon footprint his travels had racked up over the years & how he could live a more simple less intrusive life.

Upon leaving art college Natta worked every job imaginable trying to keep as low a profile as possible as she had always struggled with confidence & mental health issues. In meeting Kezz she found a person to inspire her, encourage her & stand by her, giving the freedom & courage to find out whom she wanted to be.

In 2008 Natta now a full time model & Kezz working primarily within the film industry,  decided to try something new. They both finished their work commitments & began looking for a new project, a new life & a new space.

Within a year they had started Northumbria Forestry & so began an incredible journey. In less than 2 years they had formed an alliance with The Baker-Cresswell family & come up with a plan to self build a low impact house within the woodlands they were now working. Despite Natta suffering several more mental breakdowns & needing to pursue new interests to learn to better deal with her problems, & Kezz working through a host of physical injuries collected on the way, the pair have continued to find ways to grow & support one another. A decade on they are as productive as ever & are now sharing their knowledge & enthusiam with others.

They have won awards for their business ethics, the acknowledgement of their peers for their ingenuity, skill & dedication to putting the land first, as well as the respect of many for their self building of Northumberland's first off-grid residential straw bale house. Nattas mental health experiences have in particular garnered much attention as despite her being diagnosed bipolar-1, schizophrenic & hyper sexual, she now lives medication free preferring to take control of her life & happiness. When not in the woods Natta, Kezz & apprentice Ben are all normally found in the sea surfing & free diving.

Take a look through the website or get in contact & we’ll be happy to assist you with any information regarding a specific product or service.

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The Smoke House, Belford NE70 7HQ, UK


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